Monday, April 3, 2017

The Wisdom of Colleagues: A Plea for Print-- KM, Curation, Outreach and ROI Top Process Initiatives in Start Stop Process Survey

Today I am summarizing  the process initiatives submitted by readers responding to the Start Stop Poll.

The 2016-17 initiatives focus on: visibility outreach, targeted marketing, lawyer training and collecting attorney feedback and measuring value and satisfaction with resources and services. The more surprising response was a plea for the retention of print resources.

 Could we have reached the end of “the end of print?”
I have been reading a book called “The Revenge of Analog” which offers a fascinating catalog of “dead” analog formats which are being revived and re-positioned in new higher end niche markets: phonographic records, 35 millimeter film and yes… print magazines and books. Today my  Sunday Washington Post – yes I read a paper newspaper –included a new “ Weekly TV Guide.”  I thought they eliminated the TV Guide over 10 years ago.

And then… there was in this year’s survey responses  I discovered a plea to slow the relentless elimination of print.  “Stop eliminating print treatises that lawyers want to read the old-fashioned way. Enough of the architects and finance people driving this: Our associates want print copies of the best books, and research shows that full absorption of knowledge is best achieved when reading print media.”

While every firm is at a different stage of migration from print to digital some firms may have reached the bone – there is no more to cut. Other firms will continue to eliminate print – but perhaps print will stabilize. There will be a core set of resources that will be deemed by firms and practices as necessary and worth the cost and the overhead.

Describe any ORGANIZATIONAL (task/process/initiative) that you STOPPED in 2016 or plan to STOP in 2017?

  • ·       We stopped buying about 50% more of our print collection.
  • ·       We stopped using ref tracker as we found it no longer worked for us and are looking at other ways to track reference requests.
  • ·       KF call numbers
  • ·       Posting upcoming training sessions on our SharePoint page (No one ever read them.)
  • ·       We stopped creating a separate "classes with online materials" page on the law school website
  • ·       Since we have reduced our collection, we no longer have a need to outsource our filing.
  • ·       No longer keeping any ABA periodicals in print
  • ·       Retired our legacy news delivery home-grown service.
  • ·       Research team to focus on complex research. All Document retrieval  to be handled by paraprofessional team
  • ·       Stopped daily review of new cases files.
  • ·       Stopped doing new client intake research for new business department.

Describe any ORGANIZATIONAL (task/process/initiative) that you STARTED in 2016

·       We began analyzing usage of Courthouse News and its effectiveness in acquiring new business.

  • ·       Improved data tracking of invoices to better see practice group allocation of resources.
  • ·       Started tracking filing time/budget by title to target high maintenance print resources.
  • ·       Started to revamp desk book distribution methods in effort to turn some titles digital.
  • ·       Expanded the content and number of Lexis Advance Resource Centers (eLibraries)
  • ·       More streamlined accounting
  • ·       We added several more custom curated newsletters for practice groups
  • ·        Switched news aggregation platform.
  • ·       Systematic procedures to "market" the library's services using "triggers" such as a new client, lawyer promotion.
  • ·       We started getting in front of attorneys more.  Our plan is to do a ton of travel in 2017.
  • ·       Replacing Manzama with  EOS
  • ·       We've started including the clinic in our technology lectures
  • ·       Enhanced data Collection
  • ·       Supporting legal project manager
  • ·       Competitive Intelligence team moved from marketing to Research and Knowledge team.
  • ·       Litigation History Checklist Legal Research Competencies Self-Assessment Tool (based on AALL competencies)

Describe any ORGANIZATIONAL (task/process/initiative) you plan to START in 2017

  • ·       Legal Research Platform RFP  eLearning Modules
  • ·       Adding a 4-question survey to responses to requests, encouraging customers to comment on our service.
  • ·       We are looking into KM and the also how to possibly apply AI to our practices.
  • ·       Re-vamp the intranet and increase the library's offerings of practice-group specific resource links and suggested research starting points.
  • ·       Creating an internal knowledge repository for the library.
  • ·       Writing procedure and policy manuals and cross training staff.
  • ·       We are starting to drive use to specific online resources over print on a practice group  basis
  • ·       Improve real-time client pages using Thomson Reuters Intelligence Center
  • ·       Knowledge platform revamp.
  • ·       Focus will be on a number of knowledge management tools that bring efficiency to the practice.
  • ·       Launch a new firm Intranet. 
  • ·       Launch SmartTasks
  • ·        Launch LexisNewDesk and BNA Convergence dashboards
  • ·       Relaunch a newly envisioned Knowledge services bulletin
  • ·       Move off of CNS dockets to Bloomberg Enterprise dockets/Westlaw Dockets.
  • ·       Install Research Hub
  • ·       We plan to start including the incubatees in our technology lectures
  • ·       Redesign our library's Intranet page
  • ·       Space planning
  • ·       Reboot KM
  • ·       Migrate from RefTraker to Quest
  • ·       Making more presentations to practice groups and surveying the attorneys to find out what they use the most and what they would like to learn.
  •        GeniePlus [Lucidea product] library management system. Upgrading from Inmagic DBTextWorks.
  • ·       All document retrieval shifted away from research specialists and sent to  document retrieval team in low cost center.

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